Upcoming Litters Fall 2020 and new future momma!

Both Nootka and Zia were bred this week.

Nootka was bred to the gorgeous 15 pound wooly stud, Groot. Pups from this litter are expected to all be brown/chocolate and wooly (long coat). Nootka has struggled to maintain her pregnancies to term so we are taking extra precautions to help Nootka keep her precious babies.

Zia was bred to the 14 pound merle stud, Bentley. Pups from this litter could be merle (coat pattern) and wooly. Zia has not had any pups to date at no fault of her own as we have yet to have a successful breeding to an outside male stud. We’re hoping Bentley will be our third time charm!

We will ultrasound the girls in mid-August to see if they are pregnant. Fingers and toes crossed for September puppies!!!

We would also like to introduce our teeny new F3 Pomsky puppy, Tiva, who will hopefully join us as one of our future mommas pending her development and screening process. Tiva is charting to be less than 14 pounds full grown, and carries the rare dilute gene and has the possibility of producing blue and lavender mini Pomsky puppies in the future.

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Litters Fall 2020 and new future momma!

  1. S. KAUFMANNI would also be so interested in the smaller pomsky puppies you will have.  It sounds so promising and hopeful.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    1. Tiva is definitely our front contender for micro and mini Pomskies even though both Ayasha and Kuna produced some very small pups in their last litter too. We also have deposits on a few other mini Pomsky litters in the US now too! Hoping to have a larger number of micro and mini pups available in early 2022!

  2. Thank you for your update. Your puppies are absolutely adorable. We are thinking of gettting one . Are we allowed to come to your farm on your opening hours to see your Adult dogs ?

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