Zia x Matrix 4-week Pupdates!

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Zia x Matrix F3 puppies are 4 weeks old and now ready to start meeting out Wait List members!!! They’ve all started on wet food and all were super stars for their deworming and nail trims. They are all charting to be in the 15-22 pound range at this time. All of them appear to have double blue eyes except our perfect little polar bear, Tundra, who has bi-eyes (one blue and the other appears to be hazel/green). Tundra, Ashton and possibly Amaya all appear to have wooly/plush coats, while Grayson, Sterling and Raven appear to have standard coats.

Wait List members will receive a Puppy Selection Notification email to select the puppies they would like to meet. Exciting days ahead!!! Photos of these cuties are also available on our Puppy Page.

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