Pupdates, Introductions and Announcements!

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Tiva x Creed F4 Pomsky puppies are now 6 weeks old!!! All of these puppies have been claimed by our Wait List members who can hardly wait another 2 weeks to meet this adorable pups! Both Bucky (Spotless) and Dumpling are 3 lbs 4 oz, charting to be 11-15 pounds. Guizmo (Domino) is 4 lbs 7 oz, charting to be 16-20 pounds. And Storm (Spotlight) is 2 lbs 13 oz, charting to be 10-14 pounds. These babies are having so much fun in the puppy room, bombing around our living room, and exploring their outside world. Love this age!!

Introducing Tallulah! She’s our stinking cute F2 Pomsky who is seriously only 2.1 pounds at 11 weeks old, charting to be 5-7 pounds!!!! Amazingly, she shares the exact same birthday as our gorgeous blue girl, Aoife. Tallulah is a Merle and it’s taken me literally years to find the perfect Merle to add to our program. We will DNA test her as well and she might also carry dilute 🤞 We are so excited about our future rainbow Pomsky puppies! You can see more photos of this little darling on our Pomsky Parents page.

And finally, Kuna x Matrix litter has been confirmed! Kuna is expecting at least 4+ F3 Pomsky puppies around May 5, 2021. These pups will all be standard coats, should mostly have double blue eyes, we should have some great black and white and silver and white coats, and some might show the red intensity gene that our gorgeous girl, Jersey, has. We made the decision to move Jersey to a pet home in order to bring new bloodlines (Tallulah) into our program. Jersey is now living with her sister, Kayah, in NY!

As always, thank you for joining our pack! Keep well, stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Pupdates, Introductions and Announcements!

  1. So much exciting news and so many lucky pup parents to be!
    I am curious though
    Did I miss something?
    I don’t see anything about Ayasha expecting?

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