Zia x Matrix 5 week pupdates

This post might best be viewed in a browser by following this link: https://keurwood.com/?p=4371

Would you look at this amazing litter of F3 Pomsky puppies? Zia x Matrix pups are now 5 weeks old! Most are now under contract and/or have been chosen by members of our Wait List. This litter is amazing and are still charting to be in the 14-24 pound range! They are all very sweet and doing so well with litter box training.

We took a super cute video of Tallulah today. Be sure to check it out HERE

As always, thank you for following our pack! Keep well, stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Zia x Matrix 5 week pupdates

  1. It says most not all are under contract or have been chosen by wait list. Does that mean one of them is still available?

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    1. No, sorry, it just means we haven’t had a chance to introduce all of our puppies to members of our Wait List yet. All of our puppies have now been placed and are under contract.

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