Weekly photo updates of our sensational singletons!

Please be sure to check each week for updated photos of our adorable singleton puppies, Mickey and Aster! You can see more photo updates on our Puppy Page. Here’s a peek at some of the photos we have uploaded. These pups will be offered to members of our Wait List first around 4-5 weeks ofContinue reading “Weekly photo updates of our sensational singletons!”

More puppies on the way! Kuna x Eno repeat pairing confirmed!

Kuna and Eno are confirmed!! Kuna is expecting 5+ pups around October 28-30! Last time Kuna showed 5+ pups on ultrasound, she ended up with 7 beautiful pups 🙏🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Expecting a great range of pups from 14-35 pounds, standard coats, lots of blue eyes, and possibly some overo pups too!

Nootka’s nugget has arrived!

Nootka welcomed an absolutely perfect little girl into the world on September 18, 2020, around 3:00am. Unfortunately, there were complications with the delivery, so this little angel was delivered by emergency c-section. Both Nootka and her daughter are doing extremely well and Nootka is an outstanding mother and so very stoic. While the vet wasContinue reading “Nootka’s nugget has arrived!”

Exciting Preparations are Underway!

Exciting preparations are happening in what was once my living room and is now a puppy whelping room! Zia’s x-ray shows her single pup happily in mom’s tummy. Because this is her first pup and it’s a singleton, there is a higher risk for Zia requiring a c-section. We will do a pre-whelping exam onContinue reading “Exciting Preparations are Underway!”

Confirmed September 2020 Litters

Confirmed! Zia is pregnant but the vet could only see *one* very healthy embryo. Here’s hoping she and Bentley are cooking up the most amazing baby (like the one on the right!). This is Zia’s first pregnancy! Due date is around September 12. Confirmed! Nootka has been confirmed pregnant with Groot babies! Unfortunately… she hasContinue reading “Confirmed September 2020 Litters”

Upcoming Litters Fall 2020 and new future momma!

Both Nootka and Zia were bred this week. Nootka was bred to the gorgeous 15 pound wooly stud, Groot. Pups from this litter are expected to all be brown/chocolate and wooly (long coat). Nootka has struggled to maintain her pregnancies to term so we are taking extra precautions to help Nootka keep her precious babies.Continue reading “Upcoming Litters Fall 2020 and new future momma!”