Kuna x Eno puppies have arrived!

Introducing our Ha’KUNA’-Matata litter by Eno x Kuna. Kuna was a super star and welcomed seven (7) perfect F3 Pomsky puppies in the wee hours of the night from April 10-11, 2020. She delivered 2 girls (Nala and Sarabi) and 5 boys (Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, “Moo”fasa because he looks like a baby calf 🤣, andContinue reading “Kuna x Eno puppies have arrived!”

Kuna pre-whelping X-ray & new puppy photos

Kuna had her pre-whelping x-ray done on April 7, 2020. To our surprise, she is expecting 7-8 puppies – we were told 4-5+ at the pregnancy confirmation ultrasound but should have been 4-5+++! Kuna is due to have her puppies as early as tomorrow, Good Friday! She is still as sweet and cuddly as everContinue reading “Kuna pre-whelping X-ray & new puppy photos”

Ayasha x Eno puppies have arrived!

Ayasha was a super-star last night and delivered her 4 perfect puppies that all arrived before midnight, April 2, 2020. First came a perfectly marked boy, then a gorgeous piebald girl, followed by another open-masked girl, and finally another perfectly masked boy. Ayasha is tending to her puppies like a seasoned pro and all pupsContinue reading “Ayasha x Eno puppies have arrived!”

Kuna x Eno puppies to make their debut in early April!

Kuna was confirmed pregnant today with around 5 or more puppies! Kuna is due April 10, 2020. Kuna is a heartwarming love bug who will butt scooch as close as she possibly can so that she can maximize touching her people. She adores people, children and is phenomenal with meeting other dogs. She was evenContinue reading “Kuna x Eno puppies to make their debut in early April!”

It’s no joke… we’re expecting puppies on April 1st!

Eno and Ayasha’s litter is CONFIRMED! We are soooo excited to announce that Ayasha has been confirmed pregnant with at least 4 fetuses and the vet did not notice any fetal resorption! We are over the moon excited for these puppies. Ayasha is a sweet, saucy little girl who doesn’t bark and loves to beContinue reading “It’s no joke… we’re expecting puppies on April 1st!”