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BSB Pupdate!

Our Barkstreet Boys F3 Pomsky puppy litter is now 7 weeks old! Holy moly have these boys changed so much in just a week! They are a fun group but still super sweet. They have now all been selected by members of our Wait List and some have new names! We can’t wait for these puppies to join their new families starting next weekend. … Read More BSB Pupdate!

Barkstreet Boys are 6 weeks old!

Our F3 Barkstreet Boys litter turned 6 weeks old on Thursday! We’ve already started to introduce them to potential future families! These boys are still suuuuper chill. TC is the most outgoing and adventurous, AJ is all about snuggles, Howlie is all about kisses, Brain is as cool as a cucumber and Kevin just takes everything in stride. They would still rather puppy cuddle … Read More Barkstreet Boys are 6 weeks old!

Our Pomsky Personal Assistants Litter is 8 weeks old!

Our F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter turned 8 weeks old yesterday! They were superstars for their vet visit and even the vet, who breeds American Bulldogs, couldn’t help but comment about how absolutely wonderful our Pomskies are. These pups will be meeting their new families over the next few days and we can’t wait to get pupdates. 8 weeks goes by so fast when … Read More Our Pomsky Personal Assistants Litter is 8 weeks old!

It’s Puppy Selection Time!

Wait Liiiiist!!!! Your wait is over!!! Are you ready to meet your Barkstreet Boy? These F3 Pomskies are now 5 weeks old! We’ve added their weight and comments with each of their photos. We will be sending around an email to our Wait List members soon! Be sure to check your inbox! These boys are suuuuuper sweet. You don’t want to miss out on … Read More It’s Puppy Selection Time!

4- and 7-week Pupdates!

Barkstreet Boys F3 Pomsky puppies turned 4 weeks old on Thursday. They graduated to the bigger puppy pen including a litter box today! They also were super chill for their pedicure and delicious dewormer today too. They’ve started on some milk supplement food and are starting to become very playful! We’re going to be contacting our Wait List members in one short week to … Read More 4- and 7-week Pupdates!

TGIF It’s Pupdate Time!

What a stunning group of puppies wow!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter puppies turned 6 weeks old today! I goofed and took photos of them yesterday thinking they were 6 weeks old and am so glad I did because it’s been snowing here today! These pups are so much fun and super interactive now. They all get so excited to see … Read More TGIF It’s Pupdate Time!

Happy Friday Pupdates!

Happy Friday Pupdate!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 puppies are 5 weeks old We’ve been spending a bit of time outside (boy has it been hot out) as well as in the puppy play room. These pups are bosses with their litter box as several of our Wait List members have seen during our video meetings. We’re still working on placing these pups with our … Read More Happy Friday Pupdates!

Paging all Pomsky Personal Assistants!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter is now 4 weeks old!!! They are starting to show their great personalities and are getting so fluffy. We will be contacting members of our Wait List soon to start arranging video meetings with these adorable pups. Lyra 3:0.4 lbs charting to be 14-18 lbs Bixby 3:15 lbs charting to be 19-24 lbs Roku 4:4.2 lbs … Read More Paging all Pomsky Personal Assistants!

New puppies have arrived!

Everybody!!! Introducing our BARKSTREET BOYS litter! Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies arrived yesterday and what a perfect litter of all BOYS! We had a blast naming these pups after their famous Backstreet Boys counterparts. Mom and pups are all doing super! Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are also 3 weeks old today! They are so cute and fluffy and starting to wander … Read More New puppies have arrived!

More and more puppies!

This newsletter might best be viewed on a browser by selecting the following URL: Last Thursday, April 29, Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old! Most of them met their new families over this past weekend, except Tundra who will fly out to Newfoundland this coming Thursday. Our new families were so excited to meet these adorable pups and so … Read More More and more puppies!

Pomsky Pupdate Overload!

This newsletter might best be viewed by selecting the following URL to view in a web browser: Full images of our puppies can be seen on our Puppies Page. Where did this past week go? My goodness I can’t believe how many pupdates we have this week! First, Tiva and Creed‘s F4 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday. They all passed … Read More Pomsky Pupdate Overload!

Our Pomsky Personal Assistants have arrived!

This newsletter might be best viewed in a browser at the following URL: Ayasha (F2) had a beautiful litter of F3 Pomsky puppies sired by Eno (F2) on April 16. We welcomed 2 girls and 3 boys. This litter’s theme was Personal (Smart/Voice) Assistants! Our Echo (Amazon Alexa) already gets triggered when we mention Echo’s name so we’re going to have fun with … Read More Our Pomsky Personal Assistants have arrived!

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