Pupdates, Introductions and Announcements!

This update might be best viewed in a browser by selecting the following URL: https://keurwood.com/?p=4328 Tiva x Creed F4 Pomsky puppies are now 6 weeks old!!! All of these puppies have been claimed by our Wait List members who can hardly wait another 2 weeks to meet this adorable pups! Both Bucky (Spotless) and DumplingContinue reading “Pupdates, Introductions and Announcements!”

Zia x Matrix 4-week Pupdates!

This message might be best viewed on an internet browser by selecting the following URL: https://keurwood.com/?p=4242 Zia x Matrix F3 puppies are 4 weeks old and now ready to start meeting out Wait List members!!! They’ve all started on wet food and all were super stars for their deworming and nail trims. They are allContinue reading “Zia x Matrix 4-week Pupdates!”

5-week pupdates Tiva x Creed F4 Pomskies

Both Spotless (now Bucky) and Domino (now Guizmo) have been selected by members of our Wait List! Dumpling is currently under contract and Spotlight has met a potential future family. These pups are still so quiet and rarely whine or bark. Guizmo (Domino) is the most playful of the bunch and the largest at 3:15Continue reading “5-week pupdates Tiva x Creed F4 Pomskies”

4-week pupdates and NEW puppy selection process

Tiva x Creed F4 Pomsky puppies are now 4 weeks old! Wow time flies! These puppies are still sooooo quiet and barely fuss. They love to play and are enjoying toys in their pen. They’ve started on some solid (wet) foods and potty training! These puppies are staying very small and are only charting toContinue reading “4-week pupdates and NEW puppy selection process”

What a fun and busy week we’ve had!

We started off this week by celebrating Tiva x Creed F4 Pomsky puppies’ 3rd week on this planet hooray!!! New photos of these pups are now on our Puppy Page. Their adorable little personalities are really shining. They love toddling over with their little waggy tails all while trying not to tumble over. They’ve startedContinue reading “What a fun and busy week we’ve had!”