6-and-7 Week Old Puppy Photos now available!

We have updated photos of both Ayasha x Eno and Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies. Ayasha’s pups are now 7 weeks old and this is our last full week to enjoy these amazing babies before they head off. One is even leaving via airplane! They completed their Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude test and all scored in the “Mostly 3’s” category, indicating that they easily accept human leaders, they are suitable for the average dog owner, they adapt well to new situations and are generally good with children and elderly, although they might be more active, and that they usually have a common sense approach to life. We do not prepare these pups for the test so we are very proud of their results! Ayasha’s pups also got a start on sit and come commands, and walking on a leash (with harness).

Kuna’s pups are 6 weeks old so we get to keep them a little longer. They are so sweet and just love to cuddle. This coming week they will start on leash training as well.

All 11 pups had a fecal exam done and we are proud to announce that they are all clear of all worms or parasites including coccidia and giardia.

If you are interested in information about our pups, please visit our Puppy Adoption page. We also have some amazing new reviews to share from our clients!

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5 week old photos of Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky Puppies now available!

Our Hakuna matata litter is now 5 weeks old! They have all found their forever loving families and we are so excited for them to meet these adorable puppies in 3 short weeks. Visit our puppies on our Puppy page.

6 week old photos of Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Puppies now available!

These gorgeous babies have all now found forever loving families to call their own. They are learning potty and crate training very well and have enjoyed more days outside in the sunshine. They are charting between 15-23 pounds.

Noble (now named Marvel)
Nova (now named Poppy)
Inspire (now named Inspire Willow and Willow Pie – a Diva needs options)

4 week old photos of Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies now available!

Week 4 photos of Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies! This group is sooooo chill and sweet. Best kisser awards go to Pumbaa and Moofasa. Best snuggles awards go to Sarabi and Timon. Sweetest face goes to Nala. Most fun pup award goes to Zazu. Best grumpy face award goes to Simba (even though he’s anything but grumpy). More photos of these amazing puppies on our Puppy page.

5 week old photos of Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies now available!

They just keep getting cuter and cuter! These pups are now 5 weeks old and are charting to be 15-20 pounds. Creed, Noble (now named Marvel) and Nova have all found their new families. We are contacting members of our Wait List now to place our remaining puppies with their new families. Any puppies that are not claimed by our Wait List members will be available on our Puppy page. More photos of these gorgeous babies also available on our Puppy page.

3 week old photos of Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies now available!

We were a little late posting these but definitely worth the wait! These gorgeous pups have changed so much in a week. All of them appear to have mostly double blue eyes except gorgeous little Nala who has bi-eyes (one brown, one blue). Timon is still the smallest and will likely continue to be. All of the pups are extra cuddly. Nala and Sarabi are both super sweet and laid back (Sarabi reminds me so much of Nova!) Timon, Simba and Zazu are so chill and laid back. Moofasa loves to give kisses but he is also bold and confident (when he’s not sleepy). Pumbaa seems to find the world to be a very big and scary place and would rather hide in your neck.

More photos on our Puppy page.

Please check out our Keurwood Equestrian and Ontario Pomsky Puppies YouTube Channel to see videos like Ayasha playing with her pups: https://youtu.be/bwOn-Vkq48Y Thank you for following us!

4 week old photos of Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies now available

You can really see these pup’s personalities in these photos: Creed – sweet and calm, Noble – chill and easygoing, Nova – kind and calm, and Inspire – sassy, classy and tons of character. All babies are getting fluffier and more active with lots of play. We’ve started them on some puppy puree and basic commands, encouraging kisses and discouraging baby nibbles. Enjoy!

2 week old photos of Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky Puppies

Updated photos of Kuna and Eno’s F3 puppies are now available on our Puppy Page. They all have opened their eyes, some only a little, and they got their first round of dewormer, delicious! Our tiniest pup is still Timon at only 1.33 pounds and charting to be 8-12 pounds full grown, and our biggest pup is Moofasa at 2.22 pounds and charting to be 14-19 pounds full grown. Note: Growth Charts are not overly reliable at this age, just an estimate.