Welcome Sakari – the future of the Pomsky breed!

After a monumental effort from so many wonderful people, we are so pleased to introduce our new girl, Sakari, who arrived last night with her brother, Riley, who will be going to our friends at Summit Canadian Pomskies.

Sakari is a stunning, sweet little girl, who would snuggle all day if she could and loves to stay as close to her people as possible, including my young daughter. She is the future of the Pomsky breed as she carries a small percentage of American Eskimo, which is an approved Pomsky foundation breed. In an attempt to gain breed approval with the CKC and AKC, three distinct foundation breeds are required to develop new recognized “purebred” dog breeds. She also carries the dilute gene so we’re super excited about adding her to our program for some future blue and lavender pups.

As always, thank you for following our pack! Stay safe!

New Year’s Pairing

Our new boy, Matrix, arrived just in time! Zia decided to come into heat 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. We paired Zia and Matrix successfully and will hopefully find out on February 1 if this couple will be expecting. Fingers crossed for some amazing early March puppies!

Our Wait List members will be able to select from our available puppies first. We currently have 23 members on our Wait List. To learn more about our puppies and how to become a member of our Wait List please check out our Puppy Adoption Process.

2020 Year in Review

While the world changed forever, 2020 brought so much love to so many people. We connected in ways we never have before across the continents, we spent more time at home and with those who are closest to us, and we welcomed new members to our homes and families to our pack.

Our 2020 saw 24 of our pups welcomed into new furever homes:

Ayasha x Eno April 2, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Pandemic Inspiration” Litter
Kuna x Eno April 10, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Lion King” Litter
Zia x Bentley and Nootka x Groot September 2020 “One Hit Wonder” singleton litters
Ayasha x Eno October 22, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Fortnite” Litter
Kuna x Eno October 29, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Cattle” Litter

We ourselves welcomed 4 new puppies to our pack: Creed (April 2 Pandemic litter), Tiva (USA), Brax (USA) and Jersey (October 29 Cattle litter).

We had a total of 43 new members join our Wait List, 21 of them are patiently waiting to take home a future pup.

We had 310 Qualification Applications submitted, and too many e-mails to track.

We reached over 1,270 likes on our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Facebook page, with 337 members of our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Group page, and our most popular post reaching 8,000 people! As such, we now have potential breeders in France, Portugal, Australia, Canada and the USA who are interested in obtaining on of our pups for their future Pomsky breeding program. We expanded our social media reach to include both Instagram, with over 900 followers, and most recently TikTok, with nearly 1,500 likes.

Aaaaaaand, to cap off 2020, after a monumental effort by several wonderful breeder friends in the US and their vets, an amazing flight nanny, a super broker, and an outstanding ground shipper, last night, December 31, 2020 at 11:18pm, I arrived home with a new man!!! Matrix is a 2-year old, 15 pound, F2 super sweet, low key kind of guy. We’re so excited to have him join our program as he consistently throws tons of small, husky masked pups (see the image of some of his past pups). Check out our updated Parents Page for more information on him. We will be using him VERY SOON in our program – stay tuned!

As always, we truly appreciate you joining us in our journey and we wish you a very happy, healthy, and exciting 2021! We will have more exciting news to share very, very soon!

It’s a cattle litter Christmas!

Our Kuna x Eno F3 cattle Pomsky litter turned 8 weeks old on December 24! We spent the entire day on December 23 bringing these puppies to their new families and having just one picked up from our farm. It was a sad farewell to our puppies but honestly the timing was perfection! With everything that’s been going on this year, seeing new pawrents shed tears of joy to have one of our furbabies join them for Christmas was beyond touching.

We will now be taking a little break until hopefully new pups arrive in the New Year, but stay tuned for some very exciting updates in the next few weeks!

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas, and a safe and happy holiday season!

Our F3 Pomsky puppies are 7 and 8 weeks old and some have already gone to their new homes!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old on Thursday, December 17. They received their first set of shots, microchip and veterinary exam/health certificate. The vet noted that all pups were in perfect condition with absolutely no health concerns. They also had a clean fecal panel including no parasites or eggs found for both coccidia and giardia!

These amazing babies have started to make their way to their furever families and although it’s always so sad for us to see them go, it’s also so wonderful seeing how happy their new families are to meet them and we know they will be so loved and spoiled. We will eagerly await pupdates from their new pawrents and share on our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Facebook page.

Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies also turned 7 weeks old on Thursday. We have a vet appointment scheduled a couple days early so that these amazing babies will get to meet their furever families right before Christmas!!! More photos of them are located on our Puppy Page.

Stay tuned for the last of our pupdates next week before we take a little break until the New Year. Thank you as always for joining our pack!

More pupdates coming your way!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky pups turned 7 weeks old on Thursday. This means we only have one more week to spend with these adorable pups before they get to meet their new families. They are all growing and changing so much from week-to-week! All have been selected by members of our Wait List and we are so excited for their future.

Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky pups turned 6 weeks old on Thursday. The change from 5- to 6- weeks is quite significant and their personalities are really starting to shine! This litter really took after their mom, Kuna, and they are so quiet and laid back. They just want to be loved all day long and can’t get enough of their people. They too have all been chosen by our Wait List members, who will get to meet these pups on or just before Christmas Eve!!

And other exciting news…. Tiva is having her first heat cycle now. If all goes well, she and Creed could be parents around next August. Both of these Pomskies are around 15 pounds at 8 months of age, so we’re expecting some smaller F4 (4th generation) pups. All should have blue eyes and half should be wooly. Fingers crossed for an exciting 2021!

Thank you for following us!

This post is finally on time! 5- and 6- week pupdates!

We now have updated photos of Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies, who are 6 weeks old, as well as Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies, who are 5 weeks old. The majority of the pups are charting in the 15-25 pound range and a few are charting to be less than 15 pounds. We are still working through our Wait List but at this time, Powder (Ayasha x Eno), Elvis Speckley and Randall (Kuna x Eno) are still waiting to be placed with their furever families. You can see updated photos of these gorgeous pups on our Puppy Page.

Puppies are growing up so fast!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are starting to pack their bags to bring to their new families as they are now 5 weeks old! New photos of them are available on our Puppies page.

Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are now 4 weeks old and are starting to explore the puppy play room! They are also becoming much more consistent with their potty training. They’ve started on solid foods this past week as well and very much enjoy their meal times, as do their mommas who are getting some much needed relaxation time.

We are continuing to make our way through our Wait List. If any pups are not selected by our members, they will be posted to the Puppy’s page when they become available.

Thank you for following our pack!

Ayasha x Eno and Kuna x Eno Pupdates!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are now 4 weeks of age and new photos are available on our Puppies page! Our Wait List families have started to meet these pups by video conference and 2 pups have already found their furever homes! We will continue the selection process but are still awaiting some DNA results for Deo and Jersey (from Kuna’s litter). These pups are now getting play time in the puppy room and are having so much fun exploring! Several are using the litter boxes so well – big gold star goes to Powder with honourable mentions to Deo and Kenji.

Kuna x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are now 3 weeks of age and new photo of them are also available on our Puppies page. They have also made the move into a larger pen in the puppy room where they will start their litter box training as they become more mobile. This is the week that their personalities really start to blossom.

Our younger future pack members were enjoying paying in the snow. New photos are also available on our Parent’s page as well.

Thank you for joining us!

So Many Pupdates Crammed in One Week!

Monday, November 9 – Mickey turned 8 weeks old! He is a character and silly, but also very easy going and laid back. He has some classic Pomsky confidence and determination, but also loves to be held and snuggled. Mickey surprised us by staying relatively consistent with his growth even as a singleton and is still charting to be only 21-26 pounds at his current weight. He went home with his furever momma on Thursday. More photos of this handsome boy are on our Puppies Page.

Thursday, November 12 – Ayasha x Eno pups turned 3 weeks old! They are moving around so much more and engaging in play with each other. They all appear to have double blue eyes but we should really see that blue pop this week. Next week, our Wait List members can start choosing these puppies!!!! More photos of these cuties are on our Puppies Page.

Thursday, November 12 – Kuna x Eno pups turned 2 weeks old! Most have their eyes open and we can just barely see a few of them, but there’s definitely some baby blues coming through. Check out little princes Raya!

Friday, November 13 – Baby Brown Dog (aka “Aster”) turned 8 weeks old! She is so sweet and well-natured. She just adores her people and she’s going to have the best life with her big sister, Poppy (formerly Innovation from our April litter). Aster is charting to be around 18-23 pounds at her current weight.

Aster is a very special girl for us… her mother, Nootka (aka “Brown Dog”), was our very first Pomsky. With Nootka having reproductive challenges, we are beyond excited that Aster will hopefully be able to carry on in her mother’s footsteps by being a future momma for our program. We will definitely be posting updates about this very special girl in the future. Super excited for her new pawrents and keeping her as part of our breeding program.

Thank you for bearing with us while we updated our site! As always, our Facebook page is our preferred social media tool and we regularly post updates and extras if you would like to join us there as well.