X-Ray Puppy Count for Ayasha

Ayasha had her pre-partum puppy count x-ray today, and the vet confirmed that we are expecting 4 precious puppies! Ayasha is due as early as as tomorrow (March 28), but most likely will have her pups in 5 days or so. We can’t wait to meet these little fluffies!

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Thank you for being part of our journey! Stay safe ❤

Kuna x Eno puppies to make their debut in early April!

Kuna was confirmed pregnant today with around 5 or more puppies! Kuna is due April 10, 2020.

Kuna is a heartwarming love bug who will butt scooch as close as she possibly can so that she can maximize touching her people. She adores people, children and is phenomenal with meeting other dogs. She was even licking another female’s face at the vet. She has zero understanding of personal space and would happily follow her people around all day, but doesn’t have any separation issues and will happily lay in her crate. She’s also very quiet inside and never barks.

Eno is athletic and loves to do tricks. He loves meeting new people but he prefers to snuggle his family the most (and the cat).

We are very excited to see the puppies from this cross.

It’s no joke… we’re expecting puppies on April 1st!

Eno and Ayasha’s litter is CONFIRMED! We are soooo excited to announce that Ayasha has been confirmed pregnant with at least 4 fetuses and the vet did not notice any fetal resorption! We are over the moon excited for these puppies.

Ayasha is a sweet, saucy little girl who doesn’t bark and loves to be carried around. Eno is a playful, athletic snuggle bug with a big personality.

We are so excited to meet these babies on or around April 1, 2020.

Spring is in the Air!

Ayasha came in to heat 2 months earlier than we expected. We brought her to the vet for a full breeding soundness check up including blood work, ultrasound and exam. After receiving the A-Ok to proceed, she and Eno had successful breedings this past weekend. We will find out at the end of this month (February) or early next month if they are expecting puppies!

Ayasha 2020

Today, I took Zia to the vet to have some of her vaccinations updated. She was showing signs of heat before we left so we checked her progesterone and wouldn’t you know it, she’s almost ready to be bred as well! We have a follow up appointment on Wednesday and are hoping to breed her to Scotty, the wooly merle male, on Thursday!

Lastly, Kuna is also showing signs of heat. She has a date with the vet tomorrow.

Zia and Kuna 2020

Nootka’s 2019 Litter

Just before Christmas, we learned that Nootka has sadly lost all of her pups. The vet suspects an incompatibility between Nootka and Eno. We have another male already lined up for her in April – a 12-pound chocolate male Pomsky with blue eyes is our top candidate.

Kuna, Zia and Shasta should all be bred in February if all goes as planned. Puppies would be due in April/May and ready to go home June/July.

We are very sad at the loss of Nootka’s pups, but our girls are still young, between 1-2 years of age, and so we are hopeful that 2020 will bring lots of healthy, adorable babies.

Nootka x Eno Pregnancy Update

So… Nootka *is* pregnant…. but unfortunately, she has already reabsorbed 2 of the pregnancies, leaving at least 4 more potential puppies. Last pregnancy, she reabsorbed 6 of her 7 pregnancies, resulting in only a single puppy being born. We will check her again in a couple of weeks and report back on a hopefully positive puppy count. Please send your jingles to Nootka and her puppies.