BSB Pupdate!

Our Barkstreet Boys F3 Pomsky puppy litter is now 7 weeks old! Holy moly have these boys changed so much in just a week! They are a fun group but still super sweet. They have now all been selected by members of our Wait List and some have new names! We can’t wait for these puppies to join their new families starting next weekend.

  • Kevin Fetchardson is now named Kobe and is going to a first time dog pawrent who is super excited but nervous. We won’t tell him that he has one of the sweetest pups though cuz he’s gonna find that out all on his own next week 😜
  • Trick Carter is now named Cheeto and is going to a fantastic family who is ready to take on this crazy pup!
  • AJ gets to keep his name 🥰 and is a traitor and loves his new mommy more than me…😠
  • Brian gets to keep his name 🥰 and is going to a super family with adorable kids
  • Howlie Doruff is now named Stormy and is ready to be his new momma’s Calm Before the Storm 💕

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Barkstreet Boys are 6 weeks old!

Our F3 Barkstreet Boys litter turned 6 weeks old on Thursday! We’ve already started to introduce them to potential future families! These boys are still suuuuper chill. TC is the most outgoing and adventurous, AJ is all about snuggles, Howlie is all about kisses, Brain is as cool as a cucumber and Kevin just takes everything in stride. They would still rather puppy cuddle puddle with us then be put in front of a camera… well except TC. He’s all about the fame 🤣

  • AJ McLayin’ Down is 5:1.6 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Trick Carter (TC) is 5:7.1 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Kevin Fetchardson is 5:15.6 charting to be 21-26 pounds
  • Brian Licktrell is 6:1.6 pounds charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • Howlie Doruff is 7.92 pounds charting to be 30-35 pounds

Here are some fun outtakes of these goofballs too:

If you are joining us on our Facebook page, we posted a cute video of the pups playing in the puppy room: Video link

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Our Pomsky Personal Assistants Litter is 8 weeks old!

Our F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter turned 8 weeks old yesterday! They were superstars for their vet visit and even the vet, who breeds American Bulldogs, couldn’t help but comment about how absolutely wonderful our Pomskies are.

These pups will be meeting their new families over the next few days and we can’t wait to get pupdates. 8 weeks goes by so fast when you have such amazing pups.

Lyra will stay with us as a potential future momma as we await her DNA test results 🤞🏻💕🐾

Final weigh-ins:

  • Lyra 5.57 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Lasko (Echo) 5.57 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Yoko (Bixby) 6.05 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds
  • Lyla (Siri) 7.70 pounds charting to be 23-27 pounds
  • Roku 8.36 pounds charting to be 25-30 pounds

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It’s Puppy Selection Time!

Wait Liiiiist!!!! Your wait is over!!! Are you ready to meet your Barkstreet Boy? These F3 Pomskies are now 5 weeks old! We’ve added their weight and comments with each of their photos. We will be sending around an email to our Wait List members soon! Be sure to check your inbox! These boys are suuuuuper sweet. You don’t want to miss out on one of these heartthrobs. 💕🐾

  • AJ is 4:4.0 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds. AJ is a quiet little sweetheart who loves to give kisses and cuddle. He would rather snuggle than play and adores being as close as he can to people.
  • TC is 4:7.1 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds. TC is more curious and likes to explore, but he also loves giving kisses. He likes to cuddle and enjoys playing with his brothers.
  • Brian is 4:10.8 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds. Brian is the most confident of the group. He loves to pester his brothers and play, but will also gladly give kisses and cuddles.
  • Kevin is 4:13.9 pounds charting to be 20-25 pounds. Kevin is a cool guy and is mellow as can be. He is a jolly fellow and loves to give kisses.
  • Howlie is 6:3.2 pounds and charting to be 25-30+ pounds. Howlie’s a big boy with a huge heart and he is all about love. He adores giving cuddles and kisses. He’s also super laid back.

VIDEO: Kuna x Matrix May 2021 litter – 4.5 weeks old

TC (far left), AJ (resting his head on my son), Kevin (cuddling in with my son and AJ), Howlie (giving my son face kisses non stop), and Brian (far right)

Have you ever wanted to see what our Pomskies are actually like in person? We’ve started to add videos of our adults to our Pomsky Parents Page. Check out our crazy, goofy and sweet dogs! Eno, Matrix, Creed, Zia, Kuna and Ayasha all have videos, some even with fun videos of them as puppies!

Thank you for joining our pack! Be safe, keep well!

4- and 7-week Pupdates!

Barkstreet Boys F3 Pomsky puppies turned 4 weeks old on Thursday. They graduated to the bigger puppy pen including a litter box today! They also were super chill for their pedicure and delicious dewormer today too. They’ve started on some milk supplement food and are starting to become very playful! We’re going to be contacting our Wait List members in one short week to start setting up video meetings of these adorable boys.

  • AJ 3:10.5 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Howlie 4:14.5 pounds charting to be 25-30 pounds
  • Kevin 4:3.1 pounds charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • TC 3:11.8 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Brian 3:12.2 pounds charting to be 20-25 pounds

Our F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter turned 7 weeks old today. These pups are so playful and get so excited to see us. They still can’t wait to play out in the garden each day and get quite offended if they have to go in the huge outdoor puppy play area first. They each run up to me and my kids for love and attention and there’s no resisting these smooshable floofy faces. One more week until their new pawrents get to meet these cuties 🥰🐾

  • Lyra is 4.82 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Roku is 7.34 pounds charting to be 24-29 pounds
  • Bixby, now Yoko, is 5.82 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Echo, now Lasko, is 5.02 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Siri is 7.04 pounds charting to be 23-27 pounds

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TGIF It’s Pupdate Time!

What a stunning group of puppies wow!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter puppies turned 6 weeks old today! I goofed and took photos of them yesterday thinking they were 6 weeks old and am so glad I did because it’s been snowing here today! These pups are so much fun and super interactive now. They all get so excited to see people and are having a blast exploring the garden, yard, indoor and outdoor puppy areas daily.

Echo and Lyra are both charting in the 16-21 pound range, Bixby (now Yoko) is charting 18-23 pounds, Siri is charting 20-25 pounds, and Roku is charting 23-27 pounds (but we all know it’s because of all his extra fluff!!!).

All of these puppies have now been chosen by members of our Wait List.

Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky Barkstreet Boys litter turned 3 weeks old yesterday! The these little chubbers are so cute I just want to cuddle them all day! They all look to have double blue eyes but it’s still a little early to tell for sure. They’re starting to find their wee little voices that will not be so wee in the next few weeks.

Weekly weigh in (all charting to be 15-25 pounds currently):

  • AJ 2:15.7
  • TC 3:1.1
  • Brain 2:13.4
  • Howlie 3:5.0
  • Kevin 3:9.8

We are so grateful to have wonderful families lined up for our puppies. So far, we’ve welcomed 6 new members to our Wait List in the month of May!

Thank you for your overwhelmingly amazing support of our breeding program, and as always, for joining our pack!

Happy Friday Pupdates!

Happy Friday Pupdate!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 puppies are 5 weeks old 😮 We’ve been spending a bit of time outside (boy has it been hot out) as well as in the puppy play room. These pups are bosses with their litter box as several of our Wait List members have seen during our video meetings. We’re still working on placing these pups with our Wait List members but so far Echo has been claimed, Siri is under contract and we’re still evaluating Lyra. Bixby and Roku have video meetings coming up as well. Here are their current weights and predictions:

  • Roku 5:2.9 charting to be 21-27 pounds
  • Siri 4:11.6 charting to be 19-25 pounds
  • Bixby 4:10.4 charting to be 19-25 pounds
  • Echo 3:14.3 charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Lyra 3:11.1 charting to be 15-20 lbs

Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky Barkstreet Boys litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday (Thursday)! Kuna is such a rockstar momma and she tends to these boys non-stop. Some have gained more than a pound in a week! These little pork chops all have their eyes open except Howlie. Brian is still our smallest at 1:15.6 pounds and Howlie is our biggest at 2:8.0 pounds.

We have new photos of Matrix! Matrix is the sire of our Barkstreet Boys litter, and he’s a super cool kinda guy. He gets along with everyone he meets, and he couldn’t care less if a dog loves him or hates him, he just is who he is and that’s that. He loves to roll in fresh grass or snow and has a very loving personality. He’s around 18 pounds and has a grey and white coat. You can see more photos of him on our Pomsky Parents page.

Thank you for joining our pack! Stay safe, keep well.

Paging all Pomsky Personal Assistants!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter is now 4 weeks old!!! They are starting to show their great personalities and are getting so fluffy. We will be contacting members of our Wait List soon to start arranging video meetings with these adorable pups.

  • Lyra 3:0.4 lbs charting to be 14-18 lbs
  • Bixby 3:15 lbs charting to be 19-24 lbs
  • Roku 4:4.2 lbs charting to be 20-26 lbs
  • Siri 3:11.2 lbs charting to be 17-22 lbs
  • Echo 3:4.4 lbs charting to be 15-20 lbs

Our Barkstreet Boys litter turned 1 week old on Thursday. Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky boys are all doing great and gaining weight every day. Our teeniest pup is Brian, followed by TC (Trick Carter). Biggest Pomsky Potato award goes to Kevin. Here are some fun unique markings we use to tell each pup apart:

  • Brian has a cool “arrow” white pattern behind his head (1:2.3 pounds)
  • TC is the only red intensity so he’s pretty easy to pick out (1:6.3 pounds)
  • Howlie has a crooked “i” at the back of his head (1:6.4 pounds)
  • Kevin has a tiny spot at the back of his neck (1:8.0 pounds)
  • AJ has a nose bar (1:7.3 pounds)

Finally, it’s time for a Brax update! Brax turned 8 months old on May 9 and he’s 15.5 pounds! He’s still a fireball of energy but maintains a suuuuper sweet disposition. He might not be able to sit still, but he can stealth kiss attack you to no end. He’s best buds with Creed and spends most his days hanging out with him, Sakari and Aoife. His silly Pomsky trait is “revving” one hind leg (imagine when you pull the motor cord to to start a lawnmower). We say it’s to get him wound up to go some more! Can’t wait to add this handsome man to our future breeding program.

Thank you for joining our pack! Stay safe, keep well!

New puppies have arrived!

Everybody!!! Introducing our BARKSTREET BOYS litter! Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies arrived yesterday and what a perfect litter of all BOYS! We had a blast naming these pups after their famous Backstreet Boys counterparts. Mom and pups are all doing super!

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies are also 3 weeks old today! They are so cute and fluffy and starting to wander around their pen and bark. Our Wait List members will be notified next week about setting up times to meet these pups – wow time flies! Lyra and Echo are still our smallest pups, and Bixby and Roku are pretty much tied for the biggest pups.

Thank you for joining our pack. Keep well, stay safe!

More and more puppies!

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Last Thursday, April 29, Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old! Most of them met their new families over this past weekend, except Tundra who will fly out to Newfoundland this coming Thursday. Our new families were so excited to meet these adorable pups and so far we’ve received wonderful feedback that they are sleeping well through the night and using their litter boxes/going outside to potty very consistently! Tundra and Dumpling have been hanging out with Tallulah as a trifecta girls club and they are all enjoying each other’s company.

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies turned 2 weeks old on Friday, April 30. They all have their adorable little peepers open even though it’s still too early to tell for sure what colour they are, but we anticipate that most will be double blue given that’s Ayasha’s record thus far (knock on wood).

Finally, Kuna had her pre-whelping x-ray today. She was confirmed pregnant (Matrix is the sire of this litter) with FIVE puppies and is due on the FIFTH of May (month FIVE), so hoping for some super cool intermediate red intensity (like our Jersey girl from Kuan’s past litter) 5-5-5 Cinco de Mayo puppies!

As always, thank you for joining our pack! Keep well, stay safe.

Pomsky Pupdate Overload!

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Full images of our puppies can be seen on our Puppies Page.

Where did this past week go? My goodness I can’t believe how many pupdates we have this week!

First, Tiva and Creed‘s F4 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday. They all passed their vet inspection with flying colours and were absolute super stars! All of our pups have now met their new pawrents, except Dumpling who will be with us for another month until she is old enough to fly to Vancouver to meet her new family.

Guizmo traveled all the way to Quebec and we’ve heard he’s doing very well with his new family. Spotlight (now Storm) who has the coolest “N” pattern on her left side, found her way into the arms of a lovely “Nurse” from Brampton. Spotless (now Bucky) became a full member of his new Avenger family when met his amazing new doctor momma and proud pawpa today! We love how one of the first things our new families say is that they can’t believe how small their pups are because they look so much bigger in photos. Seeing how excited and happy these families were to meet our pups brought tears of joy to many of them (myself included). We can’t wait to get pupdates now from these amazing families.

Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies turned 7 weeks old on Thursday and will be going to their new families next week! They still have a fantastic size range of 15-24 (+5) pounds, with our smallest being Amaya and our largest being Sterling (now Spike).

And finally, Ayasha x Eno F3 puppies turned a week old on Friday. Although they haven’t changed much, they sure have started to become more chatty. Momma Ayasha is a superstar as always and Creed enjoys visiting his brothers and sisters when mom is outside for a break.

As always, thank you for joining our pack. Stay safe, keep well.

Our Pomsky Personal Assistants have arrived!

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Ayasha (F2) had a beautiful litter of F3 Pomsky puppies sired by Eno (F2) on April 16. We welcomed 2 girls and 3 boys. This litter’s theme was Personal (Smart/Voice) Assistants! Our Echo (Amazon Alexa) already gets triggered when we mention Echo’s name so we’re going to have fun with this group! Lyra is our smallest girl, followed by Echo, who is our smallest boy.

These pups will first be offered to members of our Wait List (currently 38 members). We do not anticipate that any will be available for selection outside of our Wait List, but we are always happy to have you follow along with their development.

If you have submitted a Qualification Application and have not heard back, I apologize for the delay as we’ve been busy with puppies, meeting with new families and Wait List members, and our usual farm activities. I will get around to you as soon as possible!

Please note that if you have submitted an Application and it has been returned to you due to insufficient information, please re-read each of the questions and your answers in your Application and look for areas to improve/elaborate upon. Please take your time when you complete your Application to prevent delays in a response or rejected Applications. We take the utmost care in ensuring we are placing our puppies in homes and environments that we feel will be the most suitable and successful matches for this playful yet challenging breed.

As always, thank you for joining our pack. Keep well, stay safe!

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