More puppies on the way! Kuna x Eno repeat pairing confirmed!

Kuna and Eno are confirmed!! Kuna is expecting 5+ pups around October 28-30! Last time Kuna showed 5+ pups on ultrasound, she ended up with 7 beautiful pups 🙏🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Expecting a great range of pups from 14-35 pounds, standard coats, lots of blue eyes, and possibly some overo pups too!

Full siblings from previous Kuna x Eno pairing
Kuna x Eno

Nootka’s nugget has arrived!

Nootka welcomed an absolutely perfect little girl into the world on September 18, 2020, around 3:00am. Unfortunately, there were complications with the delivery, so this little angel was delivered by emergency c-section. Both Nootka and her daughter are doing extremely well and Nootka is an outstanding mother and so very stoic.

While the vet was operating on Nootka, she noted that Nootka’s uterus was in bad shape (which might be part of the reason why Nootka has absorbed so many of her pregnancies). We were hoping that Nootka and Eno were just incompatible, but now that Nootka has displayed the same challenges using a different stud (Groot), she will be retired from our breeding program.

It breaks our heart that Nootka will not be continuing to produce puppies since she is an absolutely amazing mother and a wonderful dog. But, we are so happy that she will instill her wonderful traits on her daughter, who will likely be just as magnificently fluffy as her mother.


Zia was a superstar momma and delivered this gorgeous little boy just after 2am this morning. If you love Zia’s look, this little nugget will look identical to her. Can’t wait to watch the transformation. All of the light areas on his face, including his muzzle, cheeks and eyebrows, will turn white as he ages. He weighed in at a very respectable 13.9 ounces. Zia is a crazy helicopter mom so we might have some difficulties getting many photos of him to start. But both momma and baby are doing super!

Nootka’s little bud

Nootka x Groot sapling is looking great! Hoth (now Luke), Nootka’s singleton pup from May 2019 (by Eno) will be a big brother soon!

Nootka is due only 2 days after Zia so hoping for a smooth singleton delivery for both girls!

We’re thinking we should do a “One Hit Wonder” theme for these two pups. Please drop us your suggestions 💕🐾

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Exciting Preparations are Underway!

Exciting preparations are happening in what was once my living room and is now a puppy whelping room! Zia’s x-ray shows her single pup happily in mom’s tummy. Because this is her first pup and it’s a singleton, there is a higher risk for Zia requiring a c-section. We will do a pre-whelping exam on Saturday and Zia is due on Sunday. Please send some jingles to Zia for a smooth delivery and hopefully we will be showing off her puppy this weekend 🤞🙏🐾💕

Confirmed September 2020 Litters

Confirmed! Zia is pregnant but the vet could only see *one* very healthy embryo. Here’s hoping she and Bentley are cooking up the most amazing baby (like the one on the right!). This is Zia’s first pregnancy! Due date is around September 12.

Confirmed! Nootka has been confirmed pregnant with Groot babies! Unfortunately… she has absorbed at least 2 of the embryos already. The vet saw 2 more embryos but we will recheck her in 1.5 weeks to see how those pregnancies are doing. Nootka’s progesterone levels were perfect so we’re still trying to figure out why she keeps absorbing her pregnancies. Please send Nootka some pawsitive jingles that she keeps these 2 remaining embryos. Her due date is around September 14.

Upcoming Litters Fall 2020 and new future momma!

Both Nootka and Zia were bred this week.

Nootka was bred to the gorgeous 15 pound wooly stud, Groot. Pups from this litter are expected to all be brown/chocolate and wooly (long coat). Nootka has struggled to maintain her pregnancies to term so we are taking extra precautions to help Nootka keep her precious babies.

Zia was bred to the 14 pound merle stud, Bentley. Pups from this litter could be merle (coat pattern) and wooly. Zia has not had any pups to date at no fault of her own as we have yet to have a successful breeding to an outside male stud. We’re hoping Bentley will be our third time charm!

We will ultrasound the girls in mid-August to see if they are pregnant. Fingers and toes crossed for September puppies!!!

We would also like to introduce our teeny new F3 Pomsky puppy, Tiva, who will hopefully join us as one of our future mommas pending her development and screening process. Tiva is charting to be less than 14 pounds full grown, and carries the rare dilute gene and has the possibility of producing blue and lavender mini Pomsky puppies in the future.

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Our final April litter photo shoot update

Eno x Kuna F3 Pomsky puppies are now 8 weeks old and have all gone to their forever homes. We were so fortunate to place our puppies with such amazing, loving families! It was sad to see our babies go, but we are so excited for the next chapter of their lives. They are going to homes with young children, other dogs and cats! One of our pups even went to the drummer of the Shawn Mendes band and his lovely fiancee! He will get to tour with the band – talk about a cool life!

We will post updates of our puppies soon. Thank you for joining us and be sure to follow our Facebook page for more updates as well.