Our laser therapy is 100% portable.  We offer our services:

* At your horse’s barn

* At your show

* At the track

* At a clinic

* At our farm (short and long-term)

Each Treatment Area is one therapeutic laser location on your horse. For example, a laser session to treat a horse’s entire thorax and lumbar spine area would consist of 4-6 Treatment Areas in total (right and left side of the thorax, right and left side of the lumbar).

Treatment Areas include:

Head/ TMJ/ Teeth Small Wound/ Injury
Cervical Vertebra/ Pole/ Neck Medium/ Large Wound/ Injury
ShoulderEdema/ Swelling
LegLymphatic Stimulation
Thoracic Vertebra/ Mid-Spine Stifle
Lumbar Vertebra/ Lower Spine Hock
Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Ankle
Sacral Vertebra/ Croup Pastern/ Hoof Area
One (1) Treatment Area: $15.00
Two (2) Treatment Areas: $30.00
Three (3) Treatment Areas: $45.00
Four (4) Treatment Areas: $55.00
Five (5) Treatment Areas: $65.00
Six (6) Treatment Areas: $80.00
Seven (7) Treatment Areas: $90.00
Eight (8) Treatment Areas: $100.00

*Prices subject to HST

Travel Costs**
1-10 km = $10.00 31-40 km = $40.00
11-20 km = $20.00 41-50 km = $50.00
21-30 km = $30.00 51-60 km = $60.00
61+ km = Please contact us

**Travel costs will be split for multiple clients at the same location

Additional Discounts

  • Pre-Book 5 Sessions = 10% off per session
  • Groups of 3-4 Horses = 15% off per session
  • Groups of 5+ Horses = 20% off per session

**Important Note: To help maintain our costs, we do not offer A/R services.  Payment is due at the conclusion of each treatment

Laser Therapy is considered an alternative and/or complementary therapy to traditional veterinary medical approaches. A veterinarian should be consulted to determine if Laser Therapy would be suitable for your horse.

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