Puppy Adoption Process

Breeding for Temperament, Disposition, Conformation and Character

How do I adopt a puppy?

Please fill out our online Qualification Application (will open a new window).

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How does your Wait List work?

Our puppies will be offered to our Waiting List first. Here’s how our Waiting List Works:

  1. We will send you a confirmation that your Qualification Application has been approved.
  2. You will be offered an opportunity to provide a Reservation Deposit.
  3. The Reservation Deposit is used to determine the pet home puppy selection order of the litter (Wait List). Some puppies may be held by the breeder to evaluate for future breeding purposes.
  4. The Reservation Deposit will be 100% refunded (without any accumulated interest):
    • Once you have provided Ontario Pomsky Puppies with proof of spay/neuter of the puppy you have selected from us before the puppy turns 9 months of age, or
    • If we cannot place a puppy with you for any reason after 12 months from the date you joined the Wait List. The Reservation Deposit is not refundable under any other circumstance.
    • Reservation Deposits are 100% Transferable! If it is your turn to choose a puppy and you would like a puppy from another litter, your Reservation Deposit can be used to choose a puppy from any future litter we have.

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Do I need to be on your Wait List to get a puppy?

Reservation Deposits are not required to adopt a puppy from us. Reservation Deposits only hold your selection place on the Waiting List. For example, the client who has made the first Reservation Deposit will receive first pick of the litter following any breeder holds. The second client who has made a deposit will receive second pick of the litter and so on. Puppies that are not claimed by members on the Waiting List will be available following the Wait List selection process and will be posted on our Available Puppies page.

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How much do your puppies cost?

Most of our puppies will range in price from $3,000-$3,500 Canadian (including taxes) on average depending on eye colour, markings and size. Premium puppies that are toy-sized (expected to mature 15 pounds or less) with husky markings and blue eyes will start at $4,000 Canadian and up.

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When do I get to pick my puppy?

Puppies will be priced around 4-5 weeks of age once we can determine eye colour fairly confidently and approximate size. We evaluate each puppy for breeding potential first and will place puppies on a Breeder’s Hold if we are considering them for future breeding. Puppies that are available for pet homes will be offered to our Wait List members in a predetermined order. Members of our Wait List will also have the option to change their selection to any puppies that are released from a Breeder Hold. Live video viewing of our puppies will be available to our clients. Any puppies that are not selected by our Wait List members will be made available to all other clients who have been approved through our Qualification Application.

Our females are only bred once or twice each year. Although it is always our hope to place a puppy with you as soon as possible, due to the nature of dog breeding, pregnancies and gestation, and our commitment to producing the healthiest puppies possible, there could potentially be a delay of 9-12 months or more before a puppy may become available.

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What will my puppy come with?

All of our puppies come with the following:

  1. Socialized with children, cats and dog
  2. Early neurological stimulation and daily one-on-one attention
  3. Early training including potty training on pellets and puppy pads, as well as basic commands
  4. Crate and leash work prior to leaving
  5. Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test at 7 weeks of age
  6. Age-appropriate vaccinations (please note that vaccinations such as Rabies can only be done when the puppy is around 5-6 months of age – this does not restrict travel – our vets can provide the documentation that your puppy will require).
  7. Regular deworming with products obtained from our veterinarians at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.
  8. Fecal panel including coccidia and giardia, microchip and veterinary health certificate.
  9. 30-Day Medical Insurance Coverage provided by Trupanion
  10. Lifetime Genetic Health guarantee against any genetic defects for which the puppy’s sire and dam have been cleared through Embark DNA testing.
  11. Extended breeder health guarantee against genetic, health and developmental conditions for hips, elbows, patella, eyes and heart.
  12. Registration papers from the International Pomsky Association (IPA) or Pomsky Owner’s Association (POA).
  13. Puppy Care Package including food, blankets, toys, puppy pads and/or litter training bedding, and a checklist of important care dates (vaccination and deworming schedule.
  14. Lifetime breeder support
  15. Access to training and care resources and a social community of dog owners and enthusiasts within our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Owners closed Facebook group.

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Absolutely recommend!!

Our experience with Christina has been an absolute pleasure. She is a professional, passionate about her pups, and also super kind and so easy to get along with! We could tell immediately that she loves and cares for the pups enormously. It’s wonderful that they get to be around family, children and other pets as well. She kept us up to date throughout the entire process and made us feel very comfortable to ask any questions that we may have. We are super appreciative of our experience and we are so glad we were fortunate to get a puppy from here ♥️

Shaheedah Quevedo

Very thorough and respondible adoption process.

Thank you for loving these babies!


Charlotte Ruff

Christina has been very helpful and we have talked every couple of days as I’ve had new questions about Pomskys and she has always has an answer for me. She truly is amazing I’ve had other dogs from breeders and they haven’t had as many details as I’ve seen on her pages and what she talks to you about when you ask questions and she is Very strong on checking her referrals which I think is awesome because I have seen to many puppies go to a place where they shouldn’t have. I highly recommend this place I can’t give them enough stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Roxanne Firman

Christina has beautiful dogs and was a pleasure to work with. Can’t wait to see her pups.

Marcy Farmer Howell

Such an awesome experience. Home raised with children and other dogs and cats. Updates on our pup at least twice a week. Our girl has been given such an awesome start by Christina and her hard working and dedicated children. Inspire Willow is litter trained, has been walking on a leash trained. They have worked with her on sit and come when called. She is cuddled and loved by humans daily. They send us photos and updates bi weekly if not more often. I could not have imagined how wonderful this experience would be even in a Pandemic. Thank You!

Denise Harrison

She is very knowledgeable and will answer all your questions and has tons of things for you to look up and buy of get or she gives you you should join her other page to see all the information you can get it’s amazing get lady and great puppies

Roxanne Firman-York

Christina was so Incredible to deal with. She was always accommodating with our visits and questions. She kept in constant contact with stories, videos and photos from birth to the day we picked up our baby boy. He was family raised with great love, care and attention. We picked up our healthy and pudgy little guy with full vet records, care plan for the next year and a complete care package with food, toys, a blanket and puppy pads and more! He even had a few tricks up his sleeve like sit/stay. Wow! We’ve been in touch since we arrived home and Christina has been great. Wonderful experience! We are so thrilled with our Frenchton!

Patti Gammon

Professional and really cares for the animals. Puts puppies well being first.

Karen Denise L

She was great to work with and has some really great Pomskies!

Karen McCullough

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