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Keurwood Pomskies (Ontario Pomsky Puppies)

I started my journey on finding my perfect pomsky back in February/ March. I had spoken to a few other breeders, some reputable and some very questionable. There was an immediate connection with Christina. She was very knowledgable and passionate, meanwhile others made it feel more like a business transaction. I mentioned I was looking for a wooly, double blue eyed, husky marking, under 15 lbs Pomsky and Christina recommended me to stay on a look out for Ayesha’s or Kuna’s litters. Even after Christina spent days talking to me and giving me information, she never once pushed me to put down a deposit.

I was looking for transparency in my breeder and i got exactly that. I’ve been on the waitlist for about 9 months now and in my opinion, it was worth ALL the wait. The wait was due to many members ahead of me, but most importantly because the momma’s are only bread a few times a year. I will be taking home my little Neo in just 2 weeks. Christina takes amazing care of the mommas and the pups and always puts their well being first. Neo was being considered by a breeder overseas, but Christina made the executive decision that it wasn’t the best time for a puppy to travel right now because of covid restrictions and decided it was best to home him locally, which is how I got so lucky with my amazing boy. I couldn’t be any happier that I chose Keurwood for my journey, and highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for their unicorn pomsky puppy too, it is worth all the wait in the world!

melissa ly

Absolutely recommend!!

Our experience with Christina has been an absolute pleasure. She is a professional, passionate about her pups, and also super kind and so easy to get along with! We could tell immediately that she loves and cares for the pups enormously. It’s wonderful that they get to be around family, children and other pets as well. She kept us up to date throughout the entire process and made us feel very comfortable to ask any questions that we may have. We are super appreciative of our experience and we are so glad we were fortunate to get a puppy from here ♥️

Shaheedah Quevedo

Our experience with Christina was amazing. We were able to meet our “Pumbaa” over FaceTime due to Covid and we fell in love immediately. You can tell she puts her heart and sole into carrying for these pups. She would always send us updates or pictures so we could see how he was doing. Anytime I had or still have questions she is always there to answer. She is amazing.

Lisa Mitchell-Ferras

They are so personal with clients but most importantly, the puppies! I love the care and attention put into her animals. You can tell Christina feels they are a part of her family. She has gone above and beyond to make sure the puppies and parents are cared for and loved. They have top treatment and when coming home to their forever home I feel Christina keeps in mind the personalities of the pups and the people. They come with training and socialization already started. I’d recommend them and would come back to them again if I ever want another! 💕💕💕

elizabeth sellen

After researching many breeds and many breeders, Christina stood out by far! We have been to her farm and her animals live better than most people. I mean, I don’t have a custom waterfall swim hole in my backyard! Top notch quality breeding lines and just a wonderful person to work with. 💯 recommend.

Jen creary

Very thorough and responsible adoption process.

Thank you for loving these babies!


Charlotte Ruff

Christina is the absolute most caring, knowledgeable Pomsky breeder you will find! This is not a just business to her this is a lifestyle, she respects her dogs and adoptive paw-rents immensely. Extremely professional, honest and informative. We received our pup at 8 weeks old he was crate trained and trained to pee/poop outside. He was knowledgeable to “sit” and “stay” command. You get what you pay for .. and we got an angel of a dog!

Vittoria Gionfriddo

Christina has been very helpful and we have talked every couple of days as I’ve had new questions about Pomskys and she has always has an answer for me. She truly is amazing I’ve had other dogs from breeders and they haven’t had as many details as I’ve seen on her pages and what she talks to you about when you ask questions and she is Very strong on checking her referrals which I think is awesome because I have seen to many puppies go to a place where they shouldn’t have. I highly recommend this place I can’t give them enough stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Roxanne Firman

Christina is one of the most knowledgeable and caring breeders. She takes such care in each step

of the process with her beautiful dogs. She includes us all in the process. From the conception until these amazing little ones find their fur ever homes. She posts pictures and videos so we all feel part of the process . Such care and love goes into all of her fur babies .

Highly recommended for anyone that wants to be sure to get the best breeding and cared for puppy .

We just love our girl Nootka . We got her as a retired adult and she is the most loving and playful girl. We are on the wait list for a puppy and have enjoyed the journey so much.

caroline giresi

Not a first time dog owner, but first time pomsky owner here. Neo is 6 months old now, but we’ve been in contact with Christina for well over a year. Christina is the most knowledgeable and responsible breeder we have come across in our search for our dream pup. She is transparent, thorough and caring for all her pomskies. If you are serious about bringing a pomsky home, definitely take the time to reach out to Christina because our experience could not have been any better!

Rex lo

Such an awesome experience. Home raised with children and other dogs and cats. Updates on our pup at least twice a week. Our girl has been given such an awesome start by Christina and her hard working and dedicated children. Inspire Willow is litter trained, has been walking on a leash trained. They have worked with her on sit and come when called. She is cuddled and loved by humans daily. They send us photos and updates bi weekly if not more often. I could not have imagined how wonderful this experience would be even in a Pandemic. Thank You!

Denise Harrison

Christina is absolutely wonderful and truly cares about her dogs. They are raised on a beautiful farm property in a family environment. I am on the wait list for a puppy, and could not be more thrilled with her attention to her dogs happiness and well being. The most important reason I am happy to wait is that her dogs are only bred once or twice a year – so they are happy and healthy! I visited her farm, and her dogs are so friendly, playful and have a beautiful, large open space to run and play. She is very responsive to her clients and it is such a pleasure to know her. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Another stellar review will follow when it’s my turn to pick a puppy! 😍

kathy pratte

I love my fur babies! My girls are well mannered, adorable, squishy & sweet. We have one and almost time to bring home our second, but I couldn’t imagine life without our sweet Poppy. Christina is great and does an amazing job with her pups! Always sending updates and won’t hesitate to snap that requested shot 📸. I love that the pups are already acclimated with other dogs, cats and kids! Christina gets a jump start on commands for you too – like WHAT?! She definitely puts her heart, soul and time into these darlings (only to give them away 😭 💔). Furever grateful for my furry companions. Don’t let the negative comments fool you – they don’t pertain to Christina herself or her business. Do your research and shoot some owners a DM for perspective! 🖤🤎

courtney moore

I love my Pomsky from Ontario Pomsky Puppies! She is the sweetest little thing I have ever had . You can tell Christina puts her time and love into these puppies ! She is always quick to respond to any questions and I was able to FaceTime during COVID to meet my puppy while I picked her out . I had an amazing experience .

Alexandra Kendra

Had an amazing experience. First time we talk was very nice and it wasn’t difficult for me to know I made the right choice to contact them. You can see easily how they love what they do. I deffinitely recommand them. You’ll be certain to have a dog in good health and the right dog for you :). Thank you so much for your time.

guillaume lebel

Amazing communication/support with choosing and receiving the puppy! Christina was really good with us before getting the puppy and still provides support after! The puppies from here are so beautiful and smart . So far our pup is doing really well with his environment.

deanne gracias

Christina is one of the most knowledgeable and caring breeders. She takes such care in each step

of the process with her beautiful dogs. She includes us all in the process. From the conception until these amazing little ones find their fur ever homes. She posts pictures and videos so we all feel part of the process . Such care and love goes into all of her fur babies .

Highly recommended for anyone that wants to be sure to get the best breeding and cared for puppy .

We just love our girl Nootka . We got her as a retired adult and she is the most loving and playful girl. We are on the wait list for a puppy and have enjoyed the journey so much.

bekah blake

Christina was so Incredible to deal with. She was always accommodating with our visits and questions. She kept in constant contact with stories, videos and photos from birth to the day we picked up our baby boy. He was family raised with great love, care and attention. We picked up our healthy and pudgy little guy with full vet records, care plan for the next year and a complete care package with food, toys, a blanket and puppy pads and more! He even had a few tricks up his sleeve like sit/stay. Wow! We’ve been in touch since we arrived home and Christina has been great. Wonderful experience! We are so thrilled with our Frenchton!

Patti Gammon

breeder very helpful, takes great care of her dogs and they are simply the most beautiful puppies ever.

bianca vescio

Professional and really cares for the animals. Puts puppies well being first.

Karen Denise L

She was great to work with and has some really great Pomskies!

Karen McCullough

Christina has beautiful dogs and was a pleasure to work with. Can’t wait to see her pups.

Marcy Farmer Howell

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Keurwood Equestrian

I have been boarding at Keurwood for just over 3 years now, and I can confidently say that they love and care for the horses as if they were their own.

The facility is beautiful, the people are kind, and most of all the horses are happy.

As someone who hasn’t been able to go out much over the past year it means the world to have had the peace of mind knowing that my horse is not just cared for, but loved.

I cannot recommend Keurwood enough.

lainey keleher

The facility at Keurwood is amazing and well maintained. The staff provided excellent care to my horses during our stay. I always knew they were in good hands and never had to worry about them. During Covid Keurwood really went above and beyond to look after the horses during the quarantine phase. Keurwood’s care is one of the best I have experienced. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the owners, staff and other boarders are friendly and pleasent to deal with.

catherine kennard

I have had my horses now at Keurwood for a little over 2 years. The level of care has never been less then phenomenal, even during covid. My horses have never looked better!!! The facility is beautiful, quiet, big stalls, loads of paddocks, you will not be disappointed. Owner and staff are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

sandy boyko

Our horse has been at Keurwood for over a year now. She came to the barn as a three year old on complete stall rest for a paddock injury. Keurwood took excellent care of her during her recovery.

The nutrition program at Keurwood has helped my young horse grow extremely nicely and her dapples and dark grey colour have become more apparent. This picture was taken with only a quick brush.

The facility is well maintained and we love practicing right next to Angelstone. Would highly recommend this stable to anyone looking for a quiet, relaxed, high-quality facility.

sam h.

Beautiful facility where my horse is cared for very, very well. He has never been happier. The facility was designed with every consideration for the safety of the horses and people. Content horses live here!

sue maclennan

Since coming to Keurwood my horse has put on an immense amount of weight and now looks fabulous. I can always count on the Keurwood Staff Monday – Sunday to let me know if anything is wrong with my horse.

100% would recommend to others!

morgan clark

Lovely farm. The barn is amazing. Everything thought of for your needs. Great safe fields. Lovely horses. Well treated horses. They are like family. Clean, safe, family oriented farm. Best I’ve been at.

Sandra Doroudian

I moved my horse to Keurwood earlier this year and I couldn’t be happier (and neither could my horse, Copper).

I have had the opportunity to ride at several barns in Ontario, out west, and in Europe and Asia since the 1990s. The care provided at Keurwood is second to none that I’ve experienced and the facility is gorgeous: well thought-out and meticulously maintained. This is a horse’s and horseman/woman’s barn, and the people at Keurwood are just lovely.

I’m so pleased for Copper and myself that we ended up at Keurwood. I recommend this barn without hesitation.

N. K.

Still an amazing and superbly taken care of barn. Your horse would love it.

oleh boyko

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